DHL Resilience360 Mobile App

Supply Chain Risk Management at Your Fingertips

The Resilience360 mobile app enables near real-time global management and monitoring of shipment milestones across transport modes and external incidents capable of disrupting your supply chain – all at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.


The app allows you to view information about incidents occurring around the world using emerging technologies to help businesses predict, assess and mitigate disruption in near real-time.



Incident Monitoring

  • Incidents affecting your network and shipments
  • Mark if the displayed incident is relevant or not relevant to your business
  • Number of nodes and lanes in your network impacted
  • Create manual incidents, available in the system for all users (instructions below)
  • Search and Filter using any combination of incident categories



Network Information

  • View all current risks in your supply chain with one glance
  • Drill down to see what is impacting a particular node and the connections that this node has in your networks



Shipment Information

  • Track the number of stops for a shipment, its destination, its location
  • See whether or not a shipment is impacted
  • Check Shipment TimeStamps and see deviations


Manual Incidents

Add an incident into the system yourself easily (*):

  • Find the tab in the app interface and open it
  • Open tab -> Add a headline, description, category level, severity, expiration date, geocode (use the map to choose the location)
  • Choose network incident box -> will appear in network incidents even if the node or lane is not affected

(*) only available to customer users with Salesforce account.

Push Notifications

Be alerted whenever an incident may affect your network and forward incidents to relevant people within your Supply chain. Configure your alerting profile based on:

  • Nodes + lanes.
  • Categories of incidents, their severity, and whether you´d like to receive information in an email or SMS (Can only be configured in the web interface).
  • Email recipients and social media



System Requirements 

  • Minimum Android 4.4
  • Minimum iOS 10 / iPhone 5,6,6s,6 Plus,6s Plus,SE, 7, 7 Plus
  • In order to access the main mobile app interface (not just Demo Mode) and add network information to the tool, you must have a customer account.
  • Minimum 3G network or Wifi needed