DHL Resilience360 provides a turnkey solution specifically designed to help companies meet the requirements of the C-TPAT program, accelerating, simplifying and streamlining the activities required to collect, evaluate and document information on supply chain participants, manage risks and ensure cargo security.


Introduced in 2001, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a voluntary, incentive based partnership between the U.S. government and the private sector, focused on improving the security of supply chains with respect to terrorism. Companies who want to achieve C-TPAT compliance and certification must have a documented process for mitigating risk in their global supply chain. This categorizes companies as low risk, resulting in expedited processing of their cargo, including reduced inspections and penalties.

DHL Resilience360 provides an integrated platform for the management and execution of the C-TPAT Five Step Risk Assessment Process. A comprehensive set of reporting and analysis tools allows companies to evaluate the overall level of C-TPAT compliance among their supply chain partners, and identify the nature and severity of vulnerabilities or compliance risks at partner sites. That information facilitates the effective planning and prioritization of follow-up activities, audits and corrective actions.

C-TPAT Five Step Risk Assessment Process

Mapping Cargo Flow

Map your complete supply chain, including the identity and location of direct and indirect business partners, cargo flows and logistics modes

Threat Assessment

Track and measure more than 30 categories of supply chain risk, using data from multiple internal and external sources

Vulnerability Assessment

Collect and analyze information on security vulnerabilities and countermeasures in place across the supply network, using standardized questionnaires

Write an Action Plan to Address Vulnerabilities

Receive an overall risk score that allows the immediate identification of areas of concern and get action recommendations

Document the Risk Assessment Process

Leverage Resilience360 as a robust, unified platform to manage all activities necessary to demonstrate C-TPAT compliance