U.S. Begins Process To Revoke Special Status For Hong Kong

The U.S. has begun the process of revoking Hong Kong’s special status in a move that could have serious implications for the semi-autonomous territory

On May 29, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that Washington would begin the process of rescinding special privileges granted to Hong Kong in a series of initiatives aimed at punishing China over its tightening grip of the territory. While specific details have yet to be unveiled, the measures could, if enacted, impact a full range of U.S.-Hong Kong agreements that would include the revocation of preferential treatment for Hong Kong as a separate customs and travel territory from Mainland China, export controls, extradition, and immigration with few exceptions.

This Resilience360 Special Report takes a closer look at the implications of Washington’s decision and how this could impact multinational businesses and supply chain operations in Hong Kong. It provides a deep-dive into how the measures could affect Hong Kong’s role as a leading re-exporting hub, impact access to sensitive and strategic dual-use technologies from the U.S. due to export controls, and the extent of the impact the territory could be subject to if Section 301 tariffs were to be extended to Hong Kong-originating goods.

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