U.S. and China Export Control Regulations

On the latest front of the U.S.-China trade war, the emergence of export control restrictions are threatening to severely disrupt global tech
supply chains

Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, the U.S. and China are continuing to tighten export control regulations that threaten to seriously further disrupt an already volatile market for global tech supply chains. These developments are continuing to fuel growing fears of an accelerated ‘decoupling’ – the concept of reducing technological reliance on foreign suppliers by localizing the production and assembly of high-tech components – that are posing serious risks for companies caught in the middle of escalating U.S.-China tensions. These protectionist measures could have a more profound impact on global tech supply chains than tariffs themselves over the long-term, with the aim of preventing U.S. and Chinese companies and suppliers from selling advanced tech products and components to one another.

This Resilience360 Special Report takes a closer look at the implications of U.S.-Chinese export control restrictions on global advanced tech manufacturers and suppliers amid an environment of growing regulatory uncertainty. It also provides companies with recommendations on how to better mitigate potentially highly disruptive effects to their manufacturing and supply chain networks.

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