Supply Chain Impacts of COVID-19 in Latin America

Lockdowns and restrictions continue amidst region wide outbreak

Latin America has quickly become the new epicenter of the COVID-19 virus. As a critical source of raw materials and primary goods for global supply chains, the impacts of the region’s outbreak are reverberating on an international scale. Movement restrictions, including nightly curfews, border closures, and flight cancellations, remain in effect across the region. Cargo is generally exempt from these measures. Nonetheless, air, ocean, and ground freight have all been impacted due to associated staffing and equipment shortages, decreased global demand, enhanced sanitation protocols, and production halts. As the situation evolves, disparities in industry-specific and sub regional updates are warranting a more localized reaction.

In this report, Resilience 360 looks at the ongoing supply chain impacts of COVID-19 in the Southern Cone countries of Argentina and Chile, and the Andean countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Understanding the commonalities and distinctions of the virus’ manifestation across the region will position companies to adopt more relevant and effective solutions.

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