Stormy Weather Ahead: A Global Outlook on the 2019 Season

During the upcoming tropical storm season in the northern hemisphere, companies should brace for up to 4 major hurricanes in the Americas and 10 major typhoons in East Asia, according to storm forecasts.

The southern hemisphere is still reeling from the impact of major back-to-back tropical storms that hit the coast of Mozambique in March and April this year. At the beginning of May, a powerful storm made landfall in India, shutting down ports and airports for days that left thousands of containers stranded at gateways including India’s Visakhapatnam and Bangladesh’s Chittagong ports. With these storms already having made their mark, risk managers and logistics operators in the northern hemisphere are currently preparing for the start of the 2019 storm season. This Resilience360 special report helps to understand the current projection for the 2019 season, and provides insights on industries that are vulnerable to these storm systems.