COVID-19 Pandemic creates opportunity for innovative cyber threat campaigns

Since early June, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed vulnerabilities that invite opportunities for hackers to halt supply chains

An uptick in cyber incidents was recorded in June amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Resilience360 identified 9 high-profile incidents that had a noticeable impact on production, most notably on sites in the manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and consumer goods industries.

Worsening the risks are the remote solutions employed by many firms as a result of the pandemic. The presence of vulnerabilities in remote work systems, regardless of how well-patched they may be, remain vectors for hacking. Tailored COVID-19 related phishing emails, disguised well enough as to appear legitimate, offer hackers another way into a company’s IT network, and possibly manufacturing network and supply chain, in a way that could worsen into a ransomware incident later on. Furthermore, ransomware cases are facing an increasing frequency of outcomes that result in the public disclosure of company data regardless of ransom payment.

This Resilience360 Special Report takes a closer look at the current threat landscape and how companies sourcing from potentially vulnerable suppliers and manufacturers will need to adapt. It analyzes the means by which hackers target companies and adversely impact production and supply chain continuity, and advises on the means available for supply chain managers and IT professionals to identify and mitigate these threats.

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