COVID-19: Challenges in the automotive industry amid factory restarts in Europe

Automotive manufacturing plants in Europe were hit particularly hard by the coronavirus in countries with a high number of fatalities, slowing down the economic recovery of the sector.

Over the past few weeks, auto makers across Europe have begun reopening factories, albeit at a fraction of pre-crisis production levels, as part of a broader industry effort to get back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic. While many automotive plants reopened – mostly at partial capacity – through the month of May, a Resilience360 analysis of original data on the duration of production stoppages at 244 European car plants shows that the impact on auto makers has varied greatly depending on the country. A very high number of COVID-19 related deaths has, in most cases, correlated with a particular long average downtime at Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plants due to more severe government-mandated lockdowns.

This Resilience360 Special Report provides insights for risk managers on which OEM locations may face the biggest risk of regulatory action in case a second wave of COVID-19 infections breaks out, as well as on additional risks that have the potential to further complicate efforts to revamp production, including logistical bottlenecks and supplier unavailability.

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