• DHL Resilience360 to discuss the ‘Digital transformation and the outlook for infrastructure in Germany’ at Zeit Conference

    11 October 2016

    The weekly German newspaper Die Zeit will be hosting on November 2nd, 2016 in Frankfurt the ‘Zeit Conference – Logistics & Mobility’.

    Under the theme of ‘Digital transformation and the outlook for infrastructure in Germany’, the conference will bring together some 350 senior professionals from logistics, mobility, IT and science. The agenda will provide a look at the reality in Germany, which is renowned worldwide for its logistics, and the readiness for the implementation, connection and digitalization of the transport systems that are meant to connect our smart cities with one another.

    Image credit: convent.de
    Image credit: convent.de


    DHL Resilience360 will be joining the conversation through a presentation, reinforcing the role of innovation in logistics and supply chain risk management in the age of digitization. Being recognized as one of the 100 best “German innovations for a digital world” in 2015, DHL Resilience360 stands as a concrete successful use case of technologies that drive resilience and agility. We will also provide insights into the latest trends in risk management and how to find new business models in the context of digital transformation, as drivers for Germany’s logistics competitiveness in logistics and mobility 4.0.

    Just of few of the prominent speakers that will bring the agenda to life are: Dr. Jochen Eickholt, Chief Executive Officer, Division Mobility, Siemens AG; Dr. Rainer Esser, Managing Director of the ZEIT Publishing Group; and Dr. Rüdiger Grube, CEO of Deutsche Bahn; and Tobias Larsson, Head of DHL Resilience360.

    The participation in the conference is free of charge and addresses representatives of medium-sized and multinational enterprises within the domains of logistics and mobility as well as representatives of trade, science or political organizations. You can register and find more information here in English, and here in German.