• Risk and Reward: A look back at the 3rd Annual Risk and Resilience Conference 2017

    21 September 2017

    Following the positive feedback received for the 2016 Risk & Resilience Conference, the third annual DHL Risk & Resilience Conference 2017 brought together 140+ customers, partners and DPDHL stakeholders under the theme of “Digital Disruption in Risk Management” on September 21st. This event served as a platform for the DHL Resilience360 team to proactively engage with customers as well as  to co-innovation around risk management topics.

    The new DHL Resilience360 Analytics module was notably launched at the conference. The tool creates sector-specific analyses based on unique risk profiles of various geographically mapped supplier production locations. It helps identify risk bottlenecks and pain points in supply chains by combining historic and forward-looking risk information with supplier data to create benchmarking dashboards for comparison of own risk profiles with those of peers in the industry to receive early-warnings on incidents. Further information about the new module can be found here.

    With an agenda packed with interesting keynote presentations, a trade fair of the DHL Innovation Center and engaging breakout sessions, the conference had a very high satisfaction rate and received very positive feedback. See what the speakers discussed at the conference below.

    Cybersecurity – threat intelligence for competitive advantage in an age of cyber warfare

    David Thornewill, CIO GBS & Corporate Center

    “We can’t assure absolute security. To draw a parallel with ascending a tower, If you have too many safety ropes around you, you can’t climb the building. We have to manage risk and make a business judgment as to how much risk to take on, because if we invested in every single angle we just wouldn’t move – which means we’d make no profit.”

    Cross – functional risk management in an increasingly complex and global supply chain

    Sascha Tiefke, Manager Corporate Governance, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

    “You have to see what is changing around you and adapt. Along with keeping up with the daily operational tasks, you have to be able to reconfigure, or you will miss the tactical and strategic issues.”


    Be digital or be dead

    Jack Ramsay, Accenture

    “Businesses typically capture what they need to fulfill the transaction, and no more: for retailers, that means a customer’s address and account number. There is much more potential in data than that. A company like Amazon captures much, much more – but only a few organizations are that far ahead.”

    Driving eCommerce – risks & opportunities

    Charles Brewer, CEO DHL eCommerce

    “E-commerce is embryonic and there is tremendous potential. Some countries, such as the UK, China, and the US are further along, but in many markets only about 1% of sales is carried out online. The biggest risk for sellers is not taking the opportunities that are there. DHL eCommerce can help them get a foothold in the sector.”

    The Human Spiderman

    Alain Robert, urban climber

    “For me, my dream was to be courageous. I just wanted that dream to come true, and I fought very hard to make it true. Instead of dreaming your life, live your dreams.”






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