DHL Resilience360 makes companies more responsive by identifying risk probabilities, evaluating resiliency and business continuity measures, and enabling near real-time tracking of incidents capable of disrupting supply chains.

DHL Resilience360

Recognizing the challenge of achieving better visibility of supply chain risks, a research team at DHL’s Customer Solutions and Innovation developed DHL Resilience360 to give companies a better understanding of the risks faced by their own supply chains, and improve their ability to monitor and respond to potentially disruptive events as they happen.

DHL Resilience360 is a unique supply chain risk management solution built on four sophisticated products: Supply Chain Visualization, Risk Assessment, a near real-time Incident Monitoring solution, and Risk Response with dedicated control towers that can actively respond to incidents and manage business continuity.



"Resilience360 is DHL’s award-winning, strategic initiative that empowers our
customers to create and maintain agile, responsive supply chains and enables
them to respond to disruptions and recover quickly, thereby protecting the
bottom line.

With a customer-centric and agile approach, we are committed to continuously
develop and invest in our solution in order to maintain our position as the leading
provider of supply chain risk management solutions."

Bill Meahl

Chief Commercial Officer, DHL